Our Mission

To provide customers in Plattsburgh and the surrounding area with the highest quality food during the normal farmers market “off-season”. While we certainly encourage the community feeling of a farmers market, we realize that during the winter the online order system will provide customers with appreciated convenience:

  • speed of shopping;
  • certainty of what will be available;
  • two days to decide what you want;
  • convenience for the primary shopper to place the order and for someone else to pick the order up;
  • convenience for groups in outlying areas to place their individual orders and have one person pick them up.

To support a local food system. This means providing a market for local farmers and food producers that will help them make a “decent” living, paying themselves and their employees a reasonable wage for their work. Producers are encouraged to set prices for their products that will compensate them for their labor, capital investments, and everyday costs. This means we will seldom be the least expensive source of an “item”, but we are frequently told the taste of our meats, vegetables, eggs, and other items justifies the price. We believe having viable small farms and small food-based businesses in the North Country is essential to the food security of the area. In order to have farms and small food producers, they must be profitable businesses.

Preference is given to producers who use organic standards, whether certified organic or not.

If you would like to sign up, go to the “Your Account” button. There is no fee to join and we do not take credit card info.

Closed for the summer. We will re-open the week after Columbus Day.