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Farmers Market Opens This Week

Happy Fall Folks!

The Plattsburgh Winter Farmers Market opens this Saturday, and with it our online ordering.

Currently offering products online are Woven Meadows, Rehoboth Homestead, North Country Creamery, and Asgaard Farm. Asgaard Farm will NOT be at the market – order their products online for pickup at the market or at Rehoboth Homestead.

New season reminders:
1. Check what your default setting is for pickup location – the farmers market or Rehoboth Homestead. If at Rehoboth Homestead, it will be after 4 on Saturday, or on Sunday or Monday – put a note about timing.
2. Please get your order in by Tuesday evening.

I (Beth at Rehoboth Homestead) am very short of fall veggies because we have a wonderful opportunity to have our field subsoiled (have the plow pan broken up), but it meant sacrificing the fall crops. Shields Vegetables will be at the market with lots of veggies, including the broccoli, carrots, beets, etc that I am missing. They are not listed online. If you will be picking up at Rehoboth Homestead and want veggies that are not listed, put a note on your invoice (or better yet, email me at beth at rhomestead dot com). With what and approximate size/amount and I’ll pick it out for you.

We all thank you for supporting small, local farms.

You can order again this week!

This week you can order and pick up at Rehoboth Homestead over the weekend. You can order from Asgaard Farm, North Country Creamery, and Rehoboth Homestead.

Please order by Tuesday evening since Asgaard delivers here Thursday morning so need to pack your stuff on Wednesday.

Thank you, and enjoy the weather.

fresh chevre and caramels

Asgaard Farm added fresh chevre (goat milk) and goat milk caramels to the products list last night. If you already ordered you can either add them to your order or make a second order. Enjoy!

Final Winter Farmers Market until fall

The seasons are changing, and this week is our final Winter Farmers Market until October. Please come and bid us a good summer. We have a good selection of farmstead cheeses, pastured and grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, and vegetables, all of which I think would meet organic standards.

Thank you for supporting us this winter, and becoming our friends.

online farmers market - spinach, salad, and regulars

The spinach is wonderfully shiny and crinkly. Full size, which I prefer because it has better texture (more tender)than the baby has. Still really mild.

Rehoboth Homestead moved their onions into different storage, and found a couple bags of red salad onions, so they have those listed again.

Asgaard mentioned they expect to have lots of fully grass-fed beef this summer, so if you are looking for a quarter or half, contact them.

Both Woven Meadows and Rehoboth Homestead have duck eggs available – yummy!

Look at the full list – pretty impressive for April in the North Country!

online ordering - spring updates

Rehoboth Homestead has spinach and salad mix. Woven Meadows has had a couple pigs processed so has more pork. Asgaard Farm has a good supply of beef. North Country Creamery cows are still pumping out milk for cheese and yogurt. Enjoy great local food!

spinach, salad mix, and other goodies

Since there are three weeks between the physical Plattsburgh Winter Farmers Market days, we are opening for an interim pickup/delivery this week.

You may pick up your order at Rehoboth Homestead on Friday or Saturday OR from the Rehoboth Homestead truck parked at the Westside Ballroom Thursday 2 to 8. Please let us know which you prefer in the comments section of your order.

Also, we have our Wholeshare Buying Club open for orders through the end of the month, for pickup at the next Plattsburgh Winter Farmers Market or at Rehoboth Homestead. Lots of bulk, basic, and specialty foods available. Click here to check it out

Thank you, and enjoy.

fresh spinach

The sun shone enough today that I (Beth) was able to harvest spinach. Email me please if you want some. $3/bag

Platatsburgh Winter Farmers Market open for online ordering

We will be open through Wednesday evening for orders. Thank you for your ongoing support.

online farmers market open for orders

Good evening after a wonderfully sunny day!

We have North Country Creamery’s wonderful yogurt and cheeses for you, as well as Asgaard cheese, soap, and meats.

The most impressive veggies are the gorgeous onions.

If the sun shines enough Thursday or Friday we should have salad mix,(and it is beautiful) but the CSA members get first dibs. I’ll put it on the list, but know it depends on the sunshine and how hungry our CSA members are for it.

We all thank you for your continued support.