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market open for orders

Whoops! Did it again – forgot to open the market on time. Not doing it every week – need to put it in Outlook.

Anyway, we still have good things for you to order for this weekend.

Since I am just now opening it, I will leave it open until Wednesday evening, giving you two full days.

I know both Woven Meadows and North Country Creamery have winter/spring construction projects planned, so they REALLY appreciate you business.

Also, we will be sending out summer CSA information soon. Apologize for duplication, but not everyone is on one particular list.

farmers market open for orders

Good brrrrrrr evening. Time to warm the insides with good winter veggies, cheese, meat, and fresh bread.

We’ll be open for orders through Tuesday evening. See you Saturday.

Thanks for supporting us through these cold winter months, when we not only pay heating bills but orders lots of supplies.

farmers market open for orders

It looks like we will be able to harvest salad mix Thursday, so if you want salad mix, get your order in by Wednesday night.

Since I thought about turning the market to open Friday but thought that was too soon, then spaced it off until Tuesday morning, we will keep the ordering turned on through Thursday evening.

Thank you.

online farmers market open for orders

Good morning from sunny Nebraska and grandkids with (mostly) sunny faces. Please place your orders by the usual time Tuesday so Asgaard Farm, North Country Creamery, Parker Maple, and Woven Meadows can pack on their usual schedules. I (Rehoboth) will be back Friday so plan to get your orders together then. However, greens other than kale will depend on Friday’s weather.

Have a Happy (and safe) New Year’s Eve.

online farmers market - order for two weeks!

This is out last online order for 2013! The next pickup will be the weekend of January 4. Most of our products, including the vegetables, will keep two weeks, or even a month, so stock up this week.

North Country Creamery added their cheeses to the list. They were very pleased with your reception of their yogurts last week.

Need last minute gifts? Goat’s milk soap. Goat and cows’ milk cheeses. Goats milk caramels. Salsas, sauces (or soup), and chutney. Or ask, and any of us will prepare a gift certificate for you.

Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

online farmers market open - with yogurt and more cheese!

North Country Creamery was at the market Saturday, and will come back in January (they have previous commitments the next two Saturdays). BUT, you can get their yogurt and cheese to pick up at the Market, at Rehoboth Homestead, or at Woven Meadows. So far she listed her yogurt and Holiday Cheese Box. I hope she has time to put her individual cheeses up for you – she just got started tonight listing them.

Parker Family Maple is swamped with their Holiday mail order business and also will not be at the market. BUT, you can order online and pickup at any of our three locations.

Looking gifts or hostess gifts? The Parkers have lots of beautiful maple packages, and not just syrup. We mentioned North Country Creamery’s Cheese Box. Rehoboth Homestead has jams/chutney/sauerkraut/vinaigrette/sauces. And we all can make up gift certificates.

I know our stuff is especially good so you benefit, but we also REALLY appreciate your purchasing support of our local producers. Have a great week!

online farmers market open

Nicer weather this week! I checked the salad greens in the hoophouses today and they look fine for harvest this week. The mild salad mix is mostly one green, but the one that was most folks favorite – a large tatsoi.

Walked down and looked at the kale and it may be harvestable. It will either be wonderful or crud, and I won’t know until it really thaws. We need a nights close to or above freezing and days above freezing to thaw them out. I am hopeful. The chard in the cooler is still gorgeous.

Online Ordering Open - BRRRRR

BRRRRR. You know it is really cold when all the chickens and ducks stay inside! And then when you go check them in the afternoon and the geese have actually joined them inside you know it is going to be a brutal night.

I make no guarantees on getting salad mixes harvested this week. The forecast is not hopeful. For sure I won’t be able to harvest kale unless the forecast is way exaggerated. I have a little kale and chard in the cooler, but suspect the CSA members will take all that.

We have plenty of other good stuff. I added garlic to the list. If you need emergency eggs, duck or veggies, shoot me (Beth) an email Have a great, if cold, Thanksgiving!

LocallyGrown online ordering open

We will be taking orders through 6 p.m. Tuesday. The shorter “open” time seemed to work well for you last week – you went ahead and made your order instead of thinking you’d do it later. And it really helps Rehoboth Homestead (Beth) pack your veggies. Thank you.

Pburgh Market online ordering open

We are changing the open order days for our online ordering system, to accommodate Rehoboth Homestead’s need to work around weather. It takes two full days to pack orders for this online ordering system and their CSA, and if you look at the weather forecast this week, you will see that Thursday and Friday are also the better field work days. They need to pack the staples – carrots, potatoes, onions, etc Tuesday and Wednesday while they can’t do anything else. They will leave greens harvest for Thursday/Friday when they are not frozen.

So, please order by Tuesday evening. And sooner will be appreciated. Thank you.