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Open for online orders - new carrots!

Today we dug the small to medium Mokum carrots folks love so much. So the orange carrots are now “pretty”. We also added a roasting/stew mix of small potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, onion.

Enjoy the sunshine! And remember the Wholeshare deadline is morning, Nov. 11.

Online market - new farm this week

The “market” is open for orders until 6 pm Thursday.

Woven Meadows has added their pork to our listings this week. This is especially good timing since although Asgaard Farm products are on the list, they will not accept orders this week (staffing schedules). So order pork from Woven Meadows, and don’t order anything from Asgaard (no cheese, no caramels, no soap, no meat).

Parker Family Maple will not be at the market this week (they are coming alternate weeks) – order if you want some of their goodies (I am enjoying snacking on maple leaf sugar right now).

Rehoboth Homestead coordinates a buying club for products from Regional Access and Tierra Farms. The huge product listings include bulk pantry items, dairy, and many many specialty/gourmet items, including free trade coffee. The next order deadline is November 11, for delivery the week of November 18. Curious? Check it out at . If you like the products and want to join the buying club (no charge), then go to .

Rehoboth Homestead will be making changes to the quantities in their produce listings – converting from pounds to quarts for many items, as a way to reduce the time spent packing items. We expect the weight to be very close, probably a little heavier as we will be careful. Put weighing bags of things is incredibly time-consuming. They are still listed as pounds in the email, but we will be making the changes over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for supporting local farms.

Winter market update - more goodies

The Asian greens for salad mix have grown very well this week, so I should have more than the CSA needs. You may order mild or tangy. I have the most of the tangy.

Also, the carrot description was from last spring. The orange carrots are this summer’s. They are not as pretty as I’d like, sort of lumpy, but they are very good. The orange fall carrots are looking gorgeous by need to grow more.

Platttsburgh LocallyGrown open for orders

Thanks for a great first week of the fall. As we continue harvesting, and see abundance, we have reduced some prices in hopes you will eat more, not buy less.

We are open for orders through 6 pm Thursday.

Thank you for your support of our local farms.

Farmers Market online ordering

Welcome to more fallish weather. The Plasttsburgh Winter Farmers Market opens this Saturday, 10 to 1, in the Plattsburgh City Recreation Center.

You have three (3) options for picking up your orders this year: at the market, at Rehoboth Homestead in Peru, and at Woven Meadows in Saranac.

Everyone is extremely busy, but more folks, such as Woven Meadows, will be adding the products online. This week we have products from Asgaard Farm (who will not be at the market – you can only get their products by pre-ordering), Parker Family Maple Farm (also seldom at the market, so pre-order), and Rehoboth Homestead. Still, quite a good selection for the first week.

Please check your selected pickup location selection. You may pick up the farms after 5 on Saturday, or make other arrangements. For instance, if you are only ordering Rehoboth Homestead products, your order will be available late Friday or anytime Saturday.

Thank you for supporting local farms. From what I hear the benefit of great taste and the humane treatment make it worth your effort.

You have until 6 pm Thursday to place your order.

Online ordering open

In preparation for our last winter market of the year, online ordering is now open. If you want Parker Family Maple Products, order online and Pat will deliver to market Saturday. They are understandably too busy to stay at a market table though.

The garlic has held up amazingly. The hens are enjoying bits of green grass. Really nice salad greens. Meats. And really a good list for the tail end of winter. Hope to see you Saturday.

online ordering open

Goose eggs
Duck eggs
Fresh spinach
Mild and tangy salad mixes
Great pork from Asgaard
Parker Maple products

We are getting low on veggies, and some aren’t as pretty as they were so I don’t like to sell them “sight unseen” in case they don’t meet your expectations. In other words, there will be more at the last farmers market on the 13th. But, to get you through till them, we have a good assortment for very earliest spring.

Oh, and eggs. I have held some back to age for easier hard boiled peeling. If you want those instead of the absolutely fresh, make a note.

You may pick up your orders at Rehoboth Homestead Friday or I will deliver into Plattsburgh for a $3 delivery fee.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Spinach, salad greens, and eggs

We will have our regular end of month online ordering next week, but in the meantime we have gorgeous spinach and mild and tangy salad greens available. We also have fresh eggs and some that I have held back for three weeks for hard boiling (older eggs peel better). I will be in Plattsburgh Friday morning so can deliver if you’d like these this week (or you can pick up at Rehoboth Homestead). We have some sun right now that is warming up the hoophouse, and hopefully the sun will peak out a bit tomorrow too.

Next week we’ll have the regular online ordering with Asgaard, Parker, and Rehoboth Homestead. For this week, please just email me with what you’d like and how we can make connections.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Order for Saturday

Two notables:
Duck eggs are in season.
If you want Maple, order online. Pat will bring your order down but is too busy at the sugar house to stay at market.

And the sunny forecast is #3, and maybe the MOST notable of the three.

See you Saturday, ans we al thank you for your support.

Fill your fridge/freezer with Rehoboth Homestead and Asgaard Farm products

Good chilly evening. The “in-between” markets online ordering is now open until late Wednesday. The spinach and salad mix are harvestable, if the weather is sunny enough to get the hoophouses well above freezing (it was great a couple days last week). I am hoping for Thursday harvest, but Monday looks good too. If you quickly order by mid-day Monday, I will harvest for you so you are sure to have fresh greens. Otherwise, I’ll wait for Thursday.

New in the list is duck eggs! The ducks are responding to the longer days by laying eggs. They are wonderful with huge yolks.

You may either pick up your order at Rehoboth Homestead Friday or Saturday, or I will deliver to your home or worksite on Friday. Please give delivery/pickup instructions in the comments box when you order.

Thank you.