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Farmers Market online orders

Good chilly evening. I enjoyed the sunny day, and even started some seeds.

We will have special guests at the market Saturday. The 4H group that won the regional Lego Robotics competition will demonstrate their stuff, sell baked goods and crafts, and willingly accept donations to fund their trip to the national competition in St. Louis. What a great opportunity for them. Please come support them.

I apologize for not opening for orders earlier – just got distracted (imagine that). Please get your orders in by early Friday morning.

Farmer Market online orders

Weather forecast for tomorrow looks great for harvesting spinach (unless the subzero did more damage than expected). The salad mix has too much damage, but should regrow nicely once we get enough sunny weather that I can trim it down to get rid of the yucky leaves.

I think we have all enjoyed the change of pace, but have kept busy. I spent the week after last market designing brochures and flyers. Last week was spent updating the website so it would be ready when the flyers and brochures went out. If you have a place to post a flyer or brochures, or people you think would be interested in Rehoboth Homestead’s summer CSA, please be sure and pick up a supply. It will helps us GREATLY. I suspect Woven Meadows would appreciate similar help getting the word out about their CSA.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Last order for three weeks

This Saturday is the last farmers market for three weeks. We will offer online ordering with delivery into Plattsburgh or pickup at Rehoboth Homestead between the monthly markets that will be the 2nd Saturdays of January, February, March, and April.

Rehoboth Homestead will have eggs self-serve on their front porch at all times, and you can call (643-7822) or email if you want chicken or duck put in the porch freezer for you to pick up.

So, stock up a little. Have a great (if dreary looking) week.

Winter Farmers Market orders

We will have spinach and salad mix this week – sunny weather. The salad mix is in short supply until February, when it should really take off. That cold snap in October slowed it up.

I appreciated Laurie’s article in the Press Republican today about gift ideas from local farms. We have a wide variety of really high quality products at the market.

And the big news – the market vendors want to continue once a month through the winter. We are looking for a location (any suggestions?).

Also, we will be continuing the ordering with pickup at Rehoboth Homestead twice a month through the winter.

Have a great, sunny week.

Farmers Market online ordering open

What a gorgeous December day! OK, we could have used a little more sun, but still, very nice. I got a lot of field “clean up” done, with a lot more to do still. But I am pleased with today’s progress. The forecast this week is pretty good – we should have salad mix, spinach, a little arugula, to harvest. Still have really nice kale and chard, but it will soon be coming to an end.

If you need hostess gifts or “regular” gifts, please remember our market vendors. Among us we have a good variety of food and non-food items, gift certificates, etc.

I will be at a farming conference in Vermont Wednesday and Thursday so not available to answer questions after early Tuesday evening.

Have a great week!

The season shifts

The last few years we have been able to harvest from the field right up to Thanksgiving. Then winter gets serious, and we rely on what is in our hoophouses. The hardy greens – arugula, kale, asian greens, can be harvested if they are not frozen. Since the hoophouses warm up nicely with a little sunshine, we usually have a day a week all winter that we can harvest them.

We took down the Route 9 hoophouse over Thanksgiving and re-assembled it over salad greens growing up by the old hoophouse, but we don’t have the plastic and end walls on yet. The forecast is not for open air thawing, so I don’t know if we will have arugula and salad mix this week. I do have spinach in the old hoophouse, and a good supply of kale and chard available for greens.I think I’ll have a good supply of the lettuces.

I am hoping for a 40s and sunny day because there is a lot of good salad mix and arugula still where the Route 9 hoophouse was and where I had a bed protected by row cover (which I took up before the row cover froze to the ground).

At least I am getting the garage cleaned out, organizing my market supplies, etc. But it is amazing the difference sunshine makes. Monday morning was just miserable nasty brrrrrrr, but as soon as the sun came out it was pleasant outside, or in the garage with the door open. We moved the pallet of cover crop seed out to the feed trailer (which is not as full of feed this time of year), took wax off some bee frames and stored them away, etc. More sorting and organizing to do before we bring the golf cart inside for winter (blocking access to shelves to sort), and Sunday afternoon I dug a lot more carrots which need to have the tops snapped off and be washed. It seems a little pointless – I am sure I have more carrots harvested than we will sell, but … And I did get more of the nice white and red carrots that we were short of.

Have a great week.

Orders for market Saturday

I suspect it is hard to know what you’ll want this weekend, not knowing how much you’ll be eating Thursday, how much leftovers you’ll have, how much you’ll bring home with you, etc. But, you will probably at least need fresh greens. Here is the list, and we do hope to see you to fill in the gaps Saturday. If you have company, bring them along!

Brussels Sprouts

From Rehoboth Homestead: I just checked the brussels sprouts, and have 20 stalks that I will harvest. The sprouts are smaller than I wanted, so I reduced the price from $6 down to $4. If you already placed your order, just email me and I’ll adjust your order.

Stock up for Thanksgiving - gifts and eats

New this week – kaleidoscope carrots! White, yellow, orange, red, and purple – all tasting really good.

Our brussels sprouts just aren’t ready yet, though they were planted at the right time. Dyer/Shields is out. I will ask around and send a separate email if I find organically grown (or other) brussels sprouts for this week.

The Skinny Baker will not be at market this week, so if you want something order ahead. If we don’t have what you want listed, call her (536-1843).

I didn’t think to call until now to confirm, but as of last market, Woven Meadow had fresh turkeys available. If you want one, call them (293-7487).

Along those lines, Rehoboth Homestead has pork available within a couple weeks and in January or February. A quarter pig would be about 30 lbs of meat in your freezer. If you are interested, get on their list (643-7822). If you want just a few cuts, Asgaard Farm has a large selection available at market.

Need hostess gifts? Jams, salsas, pickles, vinaigrettes, maple syrup, honey, gift certificates.

We had a great (fantastic) market last week, and you were a big part of it – thank you.

Opening for fall 2012

Welcome back! We started the indoor farmers market three weeks ago, and with the longer evenings, are getting the online aspect of the market organized. For this first week, only Rehoboth Homestead products are listed. We were not excluding others, but all the vendors are really busy and I’m the only one who likes to spend time at the computer doing things like this.

We will be opening the online market for orders on Monday nights. We will close orders at 6 p.m. on Thursday so the baker can bake, I can harvest and pack, and others can pack your orders. You can pick up your order at the market on Saturday, or pick up at either Rehoboth Homestead or at Asgaard Farm after 5 on Saturday or at a time you arrange with them. Please choose your default location in your account information. There is also a place to choose the location in your cart, but that needs to be done each time.

Rehoboth Homestead had salsas, jams, vinaigrette, and pickles made with their produce. Please keep them in mind as you look for gifts this fall.