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farmers market open for orders - last one til fall

This is our last online ordering/delivery week until fall!! Rehoboth Homestead’s CSA starts next week, the Clover Mead Cafe opens ~May 16th, Rehoboth Homestead Farmstore will open mid-May, and will carry some of Nature’s Touch products.

We (Rehoboth Homestead) have an e-newsletter and store hour info available at our website ( We also have a Facebook page where we will announce the farmstore opening (hours 10 – 6, usually later but I want the option of closing at 6). We will announce products available on Facebook, and will offer weekly text alerts. We also plan to attend the Downtown Plattsburgh Friday evening markets beginning mid-June.

So, you have plenty of opportunity to continue to get our great food and to support our small farm.

Thank you for your business this winter.

Beth Spaugh

market open for ordering

Good evening following a couple of gorgeous days (at least in the hoophouse). This may be the last week for spinach. So, stock up on spinach, and freeze some. Spinach does not like lengthening days, so I am not going to fight it with spring spinach seedlings. I do have asian greens slowly growing, maybe (or maybe not yet) for next time.

North Country Creamery’s cows are no longer “on vacation”, so they have plenty of dairy products.

Irina has a great variety of high quality snacks.

Enjoy. We will be open for orders through Tuesday evening.

open for online orders

Greetings from Nebraska! Will be back in time to harvest spinach and deliver your goodies Friday. We will be open for ordering through Tuesday evening. Thank you for supporting us all.

winter farmers market open for orders

Good evening. We are open for orders through Tuesday evening.

We have switched from the sweet Candy onions, which stored much better than expected but no longer, to great yellow storage onions.

Irina Hagar (Nature’s Touch) has added quite a few products.

The cows at North Country Creamery are starting to calve.

Spring is coming!

Online farmers market open for orders

Wow – what a nice day! We’re due for some nice ones, and I enjoyed today.

The online winter farmers market is now open for orders, through Tuesday evening.

Lots of good stuff! The season is changing – I moved the first tomato plants out into the slightly heated nursery in the hoophouse today.

We all thank you for your business.

CSA Day 2016 - free bouquet

Rehoboth Homestead is celebrating CSA Sign-Up Day on Friday, February 26th. CSA farmers across the country – including us – need your support for a successful future harvest. Buy a share and help us grow! And get a free fresh flower bouquet this summer! (Don’t fret – those who already signed up also get a free bouquet.)

You can join online with credit card or send a check. Either way please complete the membership form (link in upper right of page).

online ordering

My apologies. Apparently, though I opened the Peru site for orders, did not do Plattsburgh. I am turning on orders now (TUesday night) and will keep them open through Wednesday night.

Plattsburgh online ordering is open

Hope you are all well. The Plattsburgh Winter Farmers Market is now open for orders, through Tuesday evening. We will deliver your order to you Friday, at your workplace or home. You may leave a cooler at your home for your items if you wish (leave two if you are getting both frozen and non-frozen things). Attached is a list of our offerings this week.

Thank you for supporting us with your business.

Ordering open for Friday deliveries.

Happy winter, finally. We are now moving the Plattsburgh Market to online ordering with delivery to your home or workplace in the City of Plattsburgh, or along Route 9 from Peru into Plattsburgh. If you prefer to pick up at your convenience Saturday through Monday at Rehoboth Homestead, go to our Same products, same prices. We have great food available from Nature’s Touch, North Country Creamery, and Rehoboth Homestead.

We are still putting some of the beef in, so if you want beef you may want to check back tomorrow.

You may place your order now through Tuesday evening. I will confirm your price and you can leave payment with your ice chest if you will not be available at delivery.

Thank you for supporting us all through the winter.

last Saturday market - online ordering starting

Reminder of tomorrow’s Plattsburgh Winte Farmers Market, 10 to noon in the City Recreation Center. That is the last for this season. We will start the online ordering with delivery into Plattsburgh in January. We also have set up a separate site,, for those who prefer to pick up at Rehoboth Homestead. You can sign up for both, and choose depending on the week.

We do not have many North Country Creamery products listed yet since they are busy with pre-Christmas events. But, we will have their yogurt, cheese, and beef.

Rehoboth Homestead is accepting 2016 CSA membership now – veggies, eggs, flowers, and chicken. The membership form is at Form.pdf or you can pay with credit card at .